An eclectic mix.

We pride ourselves on creative flexibility, which allows us to perform in a wide range of disciplines for an equally wide range of customers. Although flexible, we remain focused at all times on agreed objectives and we’re equally adept at working within budgets and corporate guidelines, or with complete artistic freedom.

This includes satisfying design briefs of all kinds and complexities for the creation of such materials as – Logos and business stationery. Brochures and newsletters. Flyers, posters and banners. Press ads. Illustration, digital art and websites. In the workshop we’ve designed and made a variety of up-cycled objects and bespoke furniture, as well as undertaking a number of hand-made projects.

It could be argued that the variety of services offered makes us hard to define, but we’re happy to wear that if it means we can continue to explore the confluence of product design, graphic design and making. Delivering interesting items by commission or for sale through the Studio Store.