Design, Make & Fix.

Looking for a piece of furniture that fits an awkward space, specific need, or aesthetic. Want to breathe life into a tired, old, object that has special significance. Require someone to tackle a design brief that requires a tailor-made solution. We can help.

Make•Do Studio is a multi-disciplined design studio and workshop, based in the Adelaide Hills. We enjoy the exploration of ideas and constructive collaboration to achieve a desirable result, valuing independence of thought and honesty in communication and materials.

This includes satisfying commissions in areas such as:

  • Design Services – graphic, website or product design.
  • Purpose-built Projects – a job that requires a resolution to a specific need.
  • Bespoke Hand-made Furniture.
  • Upcycled Objects – changing the purpose or bringing discarded items back to life.
  • Handyman Services.

Our desire is to create objects and materials that are creatively focused, true to the brief and considerate to the environment.

If you have a project that fits the scope of what we do, whether it’s ready to go or under consideration, we’d love to hear from you.