With all the volumes for the various pieces decided and the kitchen box complete, it was time to finish off the rest of the trailer storage. The basic idea was to make sure the items were accessible as they would be required either pre-trip preparation and packing or setup and pull down of the camp.

All items would live in the trailer when not on the road, the food boxes are the last thing packed so they would need to be the closest to the tailgate. First access to the pegs, poles and ropes at setup was also important.

The images above show the build process. Poles, pegs and ropes were stored down one side, easily accessed at setup by removing one of the food boxes. Once the tent was folded out and annex (if required) was set up, the food would come out followed by the kitchen, lighting & gas equipment box and finally a rolling sled which contained the tables, benches, solar panels and a couple of other small boxes for the odd things like 12V shower, extra medicines (not in First Aid kit) etc.

Finally, the tool box on the front of the trailer houses other miscellaneous items like the step ladder, hose, buckets, more tools, fishing gear, 2 x 120Ah batteries and inverter.

That’s it everything has its place…